Patchwork Skirt Tutorial

This free patchwork skirt tutorial shows you how you can use fabric squares that are precut. I am showcasing 6″ squares that will make a size 4t skirt. You can of course make a bigger or larger skirt using bigger or smaller squares. See this picture tutorial and watch the video for visual assistance.

Patchwork Skirt Tutorial

Precut fabric squares are widely available in different measurements and quilt squares comes various sizes, see this detailed post from Sew4Home. I also made a video to help with visual assistance and to clarify some of the steps, so be sure to watch it as well!

Materials needed:

  • 6″ precut fabric squares (I used Amy Butler’s Gypsy Caravan)
  • sewing machine
  • serger (optional)
  • scissors
  • straight pins
  • 3/4″ band elastic (20″ for size 4t)
  • safety pin

Watch this video below:

I had this bundle on hand with 6″ squares, the edges were already zigzagged which wouldn’t require finishing but since I love my serger, I used it on all raw seams on the inside of this skirt. This skirt will have an ultimate length of 14″.

First, I laid out all my squares the way I liked the print/color line up. For my size 4t skirt I only needed 12 squares per skirt side as later determined, although I made this tutorial showing 16 squares of 6×6 inches.

>>the video has the correct amount of squares 😉 <<<

I laid the other squares aside from the assortment you see below.

From my laid out 16 squares (later on I decided to only use 12 squares to make this 4t skirt so the upper row of the squares will show in the following pictures at first). I started on the bottom left and flipped the second square of the last row over the first square. Then I pinned and sew/serged the edges along the dashed lines.

I repeated this step with all rows, sewing just the first two squares together.

Then it was time to repeat with the remaining squares number 3 and 4 (on the left in the image below)

Here are all squares with each 2 columns sewn together so far.

I was left to sew one more seam to connect the 2 sets by flipping one side over the other, then pinning and sewing along the dashed lines.

Press the seam allowances flat and to one side before continuing. Unfolded, this is what my 16 squares looked so far.

Now it’s time to sew the rows together.

To continue with the tutorial please click on page 2 below!

I unfolded this row and all I had left was to connect the two sets or rows.

Once all rows are sewn together it was time to press the seam allowances on the backside to one side.

I top stitched on the side that the seam allowance was pressed to underneath. The top stitch allowance should ideally be 1/8″ from the actual seam.

Repeat all above steps to create a second skirt piece.

Serge the bottom (and top edge of both skirt pieces).

Pin both skirt pieces with right sides together and pin, then sew along the sides.

To create the bottom hem, I folded mine up 1/2″ and pressed it. Then I machine stitched the hem down along the serged stitches. I backstitched the beginning and the end.

To form the waist casing for the elastic I folded the top edge down 1″ and pressed it. Then I sewed in down along the serged stitches, leaving a 1.5″ opening in the center of my skirt back side.

Last step is to insert the elastic using a safety pin.

Once the elastic was fully inserted, I overlapped it 3/8″ and hand stitched it together. Then I added a size tag and closed the opening with the machine and my 4t patchwork skirt was done!

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and will sew a patchwork skirt soon!
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