Free Sunsuit Pattern With Tutorial

This free sunsuit pattern is perfect for kids up to size 6! It is a must-sew for hot days. It features a fitted bodice and has elastic in the back. No shirring, just regular band elastic! It ties behind the neck and the legs are short with elastic added which makes them look ruched. Cute effect if you are looking for a bit of a change to regular shorts. Comfy elastic around the legs make the shorts into a cute bubble. You can omit them if you like but I think it looks adorable with it. BE SURE TO GO TO PAGE 2 TO FIND THE DOWNLOAD LINK!

Free Sunsuit Pattern for kids up to size 6

Last year I offered a free sunsuit pattern for babies up to size 6 but it was only a video. Many of you loved it and asked about a picture tutorial which now is here! For this tutorial I used this gorgeous kit I got provided by ‘Fabric Fix’! It has 4 cuts of amazingly beautiful Art Gallery fabric from the Millie Fleur line. If you like to know more about Fabric Fix, check out my review!

Free Baby Romper Pattern Details

  • The free sun suit sewing pattern was designed by me with Whimsy Couture.
  • It comes with templates and a sizing chart for 3 months through 6 girls and a video tutorial! Videos are great for visual learners. You can pause whenever you need and scroll back if you need to read something again. But now I have a picture tutorial for you as well! Read below!
  • The skill level for this pattern is beginner to intermediate, depending on if you are going to add the pompom trim and/or snap button tape. Both are optional features.

Print out the templates:

  • set your printer to no scaling or 100% and check the 1″ print scale to ensure your templates are to scale. Only the slightest difference will result in an ill fitting sunsuit.
  • Cut out the desired size

You need the following materials:

  • cotton fabric or any other lightweight fabric
  • band elastic
  • trim for bodice is optional
  • trim for the waist as seen in the video (below)
  • sewing machine
  • serger optional
  • cutting mat
  • rotary cutter
  • scissors
  • thread

Let’s sew this adorable free sunsuit pattern:

Find the cutting, yardage and elastic chart in the download ON THE BOTTOM OF PAGE 2.

First, watch this video of the construction of the original Fiji sunsuit pattern with pom pom trim:

Pin the front bodice to the folded bodice fabric and cut out on bodice for the front. Also cut out one bodice lining piece from a coordinating fabric, in my case I used white since the pretty floral fabric is so see through. Repeat these steps and cut out a back bodice front and lining piece.

Mark the center of the front bodice by either drawing a line or pressing a crease.

Pin your trim to the center of the front bodice and sew it on along both sides (since mine is made from two overlapping ribboned lace, I will stitch it down along the edges of the pink ribbon.

Place front and lining bodice pieces with right sides together and stitch only the upper area. Backstitch the beginning and the end. I don’t have images of this step but you can find a detailed how-to in the video starting at 3:30.

Cut off the seam allowance half way.

These are the finished back and front bodice pieces. Don’t top stitch yet!!

To make the ties, secure a safety pin to the right side of the fabric in each corner, keep a seam allowance of 1″. This helps for turning the ties with right sides out later on. Now fold the tie strip in half lengthwise and pin, then sew the entire strip, leaving a 2″ opening anywhere on the long side. Backstitch by the opening.

Repeat with other tie strip. After you have turned the ties with right sides out, use your point turner (this nifty little tool that comes in the Fabric Fix kit!) and gently push out the corners. Press your ties flat and top stitch around each tie which will also close the opening.

Both ties are done!

To sew the tie straps onto the bodice, you want to place the front bodice with right side down and place both ties just little bit leaning towards the center, onto the bodice about 1/8″ in front the outer edges and about 1/2″ in on the inner edges of the ties. Pin tie straps in place. Now top stitch along the outside of the bodice, over the tie straps. You will get a much better view and understanding from the video at 4:50.

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To continue with the tutorial please click on page 2 below!

Get your back bodice ready for the elastic and draw straight lines across the inside of the bodice with a 1/2″ distance. The amount of rows you need can be found in the download. To add the elastic to the back bodice, secure a small safety pin to one end of one of the elastic pieces and insert it into the top casing.

Secure each elastic strip with a straight pins as soon as it comes out the other side. Once they are all inserted, sew both sides to secure the elastic.

Place front and back bodice with right sides together, pin and sew the sides. Serge/zigzag stitch the raw edges.

To sew the shorts, cut 2 piece according to the chart. Fold over one piece and place the crotch template into the upper left corner. The fabric fold should be on the right. Pin template in place and cut around it. Repeat with the second shorts piece.

Place both shorts pieces with right sides together and pin along the upper curved edges. Sew and serge along the dashed lines.

Now it’s time to sew the bodice to the shorts. First, place safety pins to each of the sides to mark them. Then slightly gather the shorts along the top edge while they are right side out. Adjust the width to match the width of the bodice.

Insert shorts into the bodice, both with right sides matching. Pin and sew around the entire waist. Serge/zigzag stitch. Watch the video at 16:15 to see the exact steps.

Turn the sunsuit with right sides out, fold the seam allowance up on the inside and press it. Then top stitch in place. Also top stitch the sides of the bodice.

Now we are finishing the shorts. Serge or zigzag the leg hems. Turn the sunsuit with wrong sides out and pin, then sew the crotch area. UNLESS you want to add snap button tape. You will find a separate tutorial on that in the download.

If you are adding snap button tape as instructed in the additional tutorial, you want to sew in the elastic around the leg hems as you can’t make a casing anymore. For this example we are making a casing. Fold up the bottom hem 1/2″ and press. Sew in place along the dashed lines. Leave a 1/2″ opening at the inseam to insert the elastic.

Before inserting the leg elastic, you have the option of adding a ruched look to the front of the shorts. In this case you want to cut your two pieces of elastic to the length that is listed in the chart (via download) and pin it to the center of the leg (measured from crotch seam to side) on the inside. Pin the end of the elastic to where the casing starts and pull it upwards as much as you can without too much stress. Place a second pin at the top and place pins in between. Sew the elastic down using a straight stitch. Backstitch the beginning and end. Repeat on the other leg.

Last step is to insert the leg elastic. Do this the same way you added the back bodice elastic. Close the openings with your machine.

Your Fiji sunsuit is done and ready to be modeled by a sweet little girl! Ready to download the templates and chart? Click HERE! <=======

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