Free Knit Pajama Sewing Pattern

There is something cozy about pajamas, we all know that. Today I am offering a free knit pajama sewing pattern to you! My daughter for example LOVES, or I should say LIVES in pajamas. I very often make them myself out of soft interlock knit fabric.

Free Knit Pajama Sewing Pattern for kids

I find it very gratifying to make my kids clothes and that’s not only due to the fact that I often can’t even find nice knit pajamas I like or I want to spend a lot of money on. I rather buy knit fabric myself from one of my favorite online source, Organic Cotton Plus*.

Since baby girl (who now wears size 9 {yikes!}) needed just one more pajamas made by her mom, I am thrilled to be using this divine organic cotton interlock knit fabric! And here is the free pajama pattern with tutorial! Hope you like it!

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Do you buy organic foods for your family? I try to as often as I can. With fabric it’s the same. I find myself looking for sustainable fibers more and more these days. I have been sewing with Organic Cotton Plus knit fabric a while and I always very impressed. The clothes hold up very well washes after washes. I dry all my cotton knit clothes completely dry and they look as great as they did on day one.

Learn more about Organic Cotton Plus:

They sent me these two fabrics: mustard yellow deer print EGK-01-SUN and the Orchid Purple 15841-107, both are interlock knits (. They are absolutely gorgeous in person. I washed and dried them before cutting because that’s a must with 100% cotton knit fabric.

What I also love about these is that the freshly washed smell lingers a long time! Yum!

For reference this size 9 has the following measurements, the inseam measures 28.5″, waist 22-25″, top length is 21″, sleeve length is 22″. Fit is moderately snug on an average weight/height 9 year old. The sleeves and legs are long to accommodate taller kids.

Gather Your Materials:

Seam allowance: 3/8″

Follow this tutorial to sew the top:

If you are using a serger to sew/serge the seams at once you won’t have to set your sewing machine until you are done with assembling the pajama. If you ARE using a sewing machine to assemble the PJ you want to select a stretch stitch or slight zigzag stitch to the sew the seams. Then for sewing the waist on the pants you want to use a wider zigzag stitch. I like my no. 05 on my Brother for waist seams!

  1. Set your sewing machine to either a stretch stitch or a decorative wide stretch stitch like on my Brother machine no. 05, stitch length 3 and stitch width 5.
  2. Once you have printed the templates from here, cut out the templates along the dashed lines and tape the pages together matching the letters on the pants. Cut out top, sleeves and pants templates. Place top templates onto folded fabric and cut out one for the front and one for the back of the top, and two for the pants (not on the fold). Further cut 2x wrist bands 7″ x 6″, 2x top bottom bands 12″ x 6″ , 1x neckline band 15″ x 2.5″.
  3. These are the pieces you have cut out.
  4. Fold the wrist bands in half lengthwise (pay attention to the print direction) and place onto the sleeve with all cut edges matching. Pin in place, slightly pulling across to match the sides of the sleeves. Repeat with second sleeve and wrist band.
  5. Do the same with the top bottom bands.
  6. Sew or sew/serge in place, slightly pulling the wrist band.
  7. Place both top pieces with right sides together and pin/sew/serge the left shoulder. Leave the right shoulder unsewn.
  8. Take one of your sleeves and mark the shoulder center with a straight pin.
  9. Place it into the armscye.
  10. Pin sleeve to armscye step by step and sew it on.
  11. This is how it looks. Repeat with other sleeve.
  12. Fold the neckline band in half lengthwise and sew it on in the same fashion.
  13. Fold top with right sides together and pin the open shoulder area, then sew it.
  14. Sew both sides from wrist to bottom hem.
  15. Last step is to tuck in all threads from the bands and top stitch in place.

Follow this tutorial to sew the pants:

  1. Place unfolded template onto double sided (folded) fabric, pin in place and cut around.
  2. Cut 2x leg bands 8″ x 6″. Fold them over to make the bands 3″ long.
  3. Pin bands to the leg hems as you did with the top. Sew bands on.
  4. Fold leg with right sides together and pin, then sew the inseam. Repeat with other leg.
  5. Turn one leg with right sides out and insert it into the other leg which is wrong side out. Both right sides of the fabric should now meet. Pin the rise and sew.
  6. Finish the top edge of the waist as preferred. You can omit this step if you wish as interlock knit fabric does not unravel.
  7. Fold the top edge down 1″ and press.
  8. Using a stretch stitch or slight zigzag stitch, sew fold down right along the serged stitches (if applicable). Leave a 1.5″ opening in the center back. Backstitch the beginning and the end.
  9. Secure a safety pin to one end of the elastic and insert it into the casing.
  10. Overlap ends 1/2″ and stitch in place several times, back and forth.
  11. This is your waist band.
  12. Add a size tag to the back opening and close it with your machine.

Your knit pajama is all done!

Check out where else I have used Organic Cotton Fabric on HERE!

And here is another pj, made with some beautiful knit interlock fabric from Hancock Fabrics:

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